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Tzedakah Time: Chabad for Students of the Arts!

My favorite Chabad rabbi and the community he and his wife have built here in Philadelphia received an exciting challenge from a very generous donor. The donor has pledged that if we can raise 18,000 dollars in donations by the end of May, he will match it with another 18,000. Challenge accepted.

One of the most important things that The Eternally Jewish Project does is support Jewish education and activities. Nobody gets Jews engaged with Judaism and Jewish life better than Chabad. With thousands of Chabad houses and Jewish centers all over the world, Chabad rabbis have really changed the game when it comes to building strong, active Jewish communities.


Rabbi Daniel and Reuvena Grodnitzky have taken the creative, fun and exciting approach that Chabad uses and channeled that towards a very special demographic; Jewish artists! They host programs, activities, classes and of course Shabbat dinners not only in their lovely and welcoming home, but also at an absolutely gorgeous art gallery and event space located right in the center of Philadelphia. Thanks to the hard work of the Grodnitzkys and the generosity of the community, Jewish college and grad students, as well as young professionals are able to enjoy Jazz brunches, Kabbalah classes, Purim parties and even concerts by respected Jewish musicians. To learn more about the Kugel Collaborative, take a look at this article, written about the grand opening of the gallery this past September:

Without the personal interest that Rabbi Daniel and Reuvena have taken in my own learning and experience in the Jewish community, I don’t know what I’d be doing now, but it wouldn’t involve Torah, Jewish culture, or Israel advocacy. They invest so much of their time and energy into helping young Jews like myself learn and experience the joys of Judaism, so the least we can all do is support them in that important mission. Donations can be made online at:

Or by check sent to the address provided in the link. All donations are tax-deductible, but more importantly, all donations are a mitzvah! Lets help raise that 18,000 (Or more)! – Andrew

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