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Welcome to The Eternally Jewish Project!

Who: The Eternally Jewish Project was founded by Andrew Hutz, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Andrew Hutz is an aspiring law student, amateur historian, writer and ardent Zionist. Following a trip to Israel in the Summer of 2015, which awoke a new passion for his Jewish heritage, Andrew began to research Jewish History, learn Torah and take part in pro-Israel activism. He was inspired to start this project as a way to educate others on the beauty of Judaism, and to promote and inspire stronger support for the Jewish homeland.

What: The Eternally Jewish Project is primarily an educational initiative, intent on addressing and dispelling misconceptions that people have about Jews and about Israel. Andrew Hutz has spent a lot of time learning with Chabad rabbis and attending Chabad events so their uplifting, inclusive and fun method of Jewish outreach and education is a huge influence on the direction of this project. A major focus for the project is elevating the many positive aspects of Israel and Judaism, in order to counteract the intense negativity present in many pro-Israel causes. The Eternally Jewish Project wants to proactively prevent anti-semitism through education and engagement more than reactively fight against it through moral outrage. That being said, the situation for Jewish people globally isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and so there are also times where strong words and actions are necessary.

When: The Eternally Jewish Project is a new and constantly evolving concept, and is currently a one man operation. As a result, there are sometimes brief periods of inactivity. New and different ideas and educational tools will be added as often as possible, and as Andrew Hutz studies, learns and experiences Judaism and Israel, so to will all of The Eternally Jewish Project’s supporters.

Where: The Eternally Jewish Project is physically based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, spiritually, it is located in the heart of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people. The Eternally Jewish Project also sponsors and organizes in-person educational events and programs in conjunction with Jewish organizations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Why: The Eternally Jewish Project was formed as a response to the greatest threat that the Jewish people currently face. Apathy. Too many Jews in the Diaspora have just lost interest in Judaism and Israel as a result of assimilation, lack of engagement, and even despair at the constant barrage of anti-semitism, propaganda and violence. In order to help counteract the threat of apathy, Jews and non-Jews alike need to be engaged and uplifted as well as informed about harsh realities. As the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. Those words are just as true of bringing people to support a good cause.

How: The Eternally Jewish Project makes use of a number of media platforms, including written articles, video, audio podcasts and of course, in person events to promote positive Jewish experience and support for Israel. Andrew Hutz and The Eternally Jewish are always excited and interested to collaborate with other activists and organizations as well, because the Jewish people are strongest when we work together. As the project develops, the project hopes to bring in more activists and content creators to get involved. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, feel free to contact Andrew Hutz through the form on the Contact tab, or via email at

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